FEEDBACK - Castle Prototype Testing

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Greetings, Operatives!

In this patch, we have added a prototype map for Terminal Conquest Mode called Castle. We are in the process of creating this map due to the community’s need for a new map in the TC cycle.

Your feedback during the prototype phase is crucial and we would like to hear your thoughts as you play and explore the map. For the next two weeks, please leave your feedback in this thread, focusing on 3 areas:
• Fun element
• Map size
• Balance

Please stay on topic and keep the conversation about Castle feedback. Please note that the map is a work in progress, but not all feedback/suggestions can or will be implemented. Any changes made to the map will be announced in this thread.

Feel free to report any bugs in this thread.

We will be actively checking in on this thread to answer any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and dedication, we are looking forward to hearing all of your feedback, ideas, and suggestions!

-The First Assault Team-


  • WootwootWootwoot
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    Just in case this might be helpful to anyone.

  • ConeCone
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    Only played this once but I don't like how Point D is looking directly at E, E's spawns were a bit bad because of this. We couldn't take D because the enemy team could easily look at E's main entrance.
  • CusashornCusashorn
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    - Point D's actual capture radius is almost completely taken up by the giant bell itself. You have to almost touch the bell to start capturing the point. Increasing the radius there by a small amount might help.

    - You can jump up into the top of the Pagoda from the top of the terminal located inside capture point C.

    - Capturing point B from C is a complete nightmare for the attacking team. I know that the design is supposed to help the defending team capture back, but my team could barely even get close to it just now. Didn't help that they had two turrets and a think tank set up, but most of my own deaths came from getting sniped by the alley leading to point A, FROM point A.
  • P4prik4P4prik4
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    i'd like a test with even teams. ive had a lot of one sided games go both sides but mostly losing when defending the high ground side. Its mostly C that is difficult to capture from D. I'd like some kind of two story option when capturing C coming from D.
    kind of like in Dubbing Site the double windows above.
    or more cover options maybe.
    Defending D and E feels pretty fair so far imo. depends on comp and how you deal with tachikomas.

    I really like the non symmetry aspect of the map and encouraging the strategic use of nades/smokes for it. As well as great for snipers.

    Maven really shines in this map too.
  • AlmalexionAlmalexion
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    New map is a campers Paradise !
    May the best campers wins !
    Seriously... Everytime I check the whole map, all I see a giant letter S :D
    Anyway... Let's start:

    -Fun element:
    It's TC, It's allways fun as long as you'll get lotsa kill like you're in a kill fest or slaughter house...

    -Map Size:
    It's ok, a giant Letter S. My vote for the next map is a giant letter W for the win ! Or tachikoma shaped map is ok too for creativity & giggles & fun :)

    All hail the king of Issues !
    Seriously, if you start from the bottom side, you pretty much screwed. Say goodbye to your kdr and wlr.
    Red: Team lower side
    Blue: Team upper side
    Site C :
    It is pretty much ok, better one is allways wins in there. I mean better camper :)
    Site B:
    Ho boi... If you're attacker, you're pretty much done. Show your head = bam from the north or east, this is where the map balance issue show itself like you see in this picture. And this is the only open space place in the map where the point is located and this creates a problem in itself 'cuz rest of it in close space. Never saw being captured when I played... If somehow you can be able to distort the enemy teams vision and such, you probably be able to capture, but also heavy rush is required ! And best way to capture it is attacking from the north, supressing from the south.
    Site A:
    Couldn't be able to see this place so I cannot comment on this location. Map is just pretty much estimating the situation. Further Research Required ! My guess is same as Site E situation...
    Edit: I be able to see this place finally, it's a little less like site E, and pretty much how I estimated. North side is two floors, attackers should watch out the surroundings and can also supress the defenders from there, and defenders should watch over the windows too. To capture the point, heavy rush and supression is required. If the north is breached, defenders can have a hard time...
    Site D:
    This site is pretty much unbalanced too. Easy to capture and easy to lose for both teams. If defender loses, they can say goodby to that terminal. Attackers have 3 direct points to attack and defenders have 2 point to recapture and attack. Supressing the defenders easy, hard to supress the attackers. And there is also a goddamn rail that easy to cover attackers. If the defenders can be able to supress the attackers on the stairs, they can pretty much be able to defend but if they loose in there, they had less chance to take the terminal back.
    Site E:
    Map shows itself. This turns it to a waiting game. Hard to capture because defenders spawn point is really close to the terminal. And pretty much everybody becomes sniper at this point. Because who ever shows it's head first, gets a headshot allways. Only way to capture this place is just supressing heavily.

    Pretty much this is my summary and Feedback. Thanks for reading. Also pictures are useable for tactics.

    Bonus: Feedback on new shotgun:
    Pretty much terrible. 15 bullets makes it's reload time unbearable and not much accurate and fast. It needs muzzle, barrel and grip upgrades to compensate it's bad sides a little for becomes not favorable to a less favorable weapon !
  • KawaccinoKawaccino
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    Hey guys.

    So, about this map: I played it all evening yesterday and plan to play it all evening today too. I think you understood that I love this map.

    Fun element:
    It is fun, there are many ways to go to the same point which make it a very dynamic map as the capturing team has to watch everywhere to defend the terminal efficiently. BUT, if the team actually works as a team it's not that difficult to do. So, I think it's a great map to improve team work. Plus, there are many hidden ladders to get to even more points, there are a lot of environment items to hide behind, lots of corners, ... It's really a nice map.
    I also think the way the terminal are disposed makes it a great map for Bato. I mean, one well placed missile can change everything. Same goes for the drones.

    Map size:
    It's a really nice size as it is not all closed up. As I said, there are many paths toward the same terminal, there are many terminals too so we aren't always working on the same one. It's vast but not too much.

    For now I didn't see any balance problems but I need to play it some more to have a really good idea about this, with various players.

    This map is really beautiful even without the textures (the cherry trees grabbed my attention more than once yesterday). I can't wait to see it with the textures, it looks really promising. Congrats on the designers and the devs, they did a very nice job on this one.
    It's the first time I'm so excited by a new prototype map. The hype is high with this one, I really love it.
  • MidlordMidlord
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    I had fun in the one game I could play. It went between terminals D and B so I don't know about the other two. Just one game isn't enough to have a thought on it set in stone, so far I liked it a lot, with the many angles of approach and flanking. I don't think the D point is as bad as two posts above is said with that 2 ways for defenders and three for attackers. Defenders can use that south side to mount a flank and effectively shut down the attackers, I think. It's something I need to play more to confirm.

    I did find two issues, see the video:

    First at hose stepping stones, if you get over at certain angles, they slow you or turn you to the side or both. The typical there's an edge to the walking surface, at first the game it's a hard edge and doesn't want to let you through, then it gets that it's not, that it's a change in height and then it allows you, but between it's stopped you or forced your character to move along the edge. In the video you see I move to a side a lot, but not all is caused by the stones, as I had already had one instance of the problem before and in there as soon I notice I just strafe as I run to avoid it. The other you can see there: those stairs don't work.
  • mutronixmutronix
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    Motokos active camo is invisible against the background of white walls
  • VenkmanVenkman
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    Thank you for all the input everyone! Keep it coming!
  • HilliHilli
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    Will the map become a night disign ? Ithink the illuminated rooms and the darker outside give a good ambience.


    Point A and E both have the smae strengths and weaknesses. While the defending teams hold thier point it feels like a siege, I like it. If the attackers pushed to the point, then have the defending team no chance to come back, because thier routes are very easy to cut and hold by the attackers, the defenders have no chance to flank and no chnce to throw nades on the point.
    At point B need the defending team on thier left route more cover and the option to use thier mid and right route unseen, because you can see them when they running from thier spawn to the right enter.
    Point C is unbalnced. The team that comes from B has a winrate of 90%. The team that comes from D has only the chance to push at the beginning. Later are this routes like the way to the sloughterhouse. I had only one match we won C, but my team was a tryhard team and we won the match 3:0. Btw. while we were caping C, for the other team was thier two routes a way to the sloughterhouse too. This point is worser than the C terminal on District Ruins.
    I played this map 5 or 6 times and I spend the most time by point D. This point is good and makes much fun, but there are a few points that have change too.
    First, give the defenders a option to run unseen down from thier.
    Second, add a wall at the right ramp on the bridge, so guys can't cover from the bridge the left ramp and the right downside.

    I like this map, it's a very cool location with some really good considered points (D,B). It could be a very great TC map when the C terminal get balanced.