FEEDBACK - Castle Prototype Testing


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    mutronix wrote: »
    Motokos active camo is invisible against the background of white walls

    This is an alpha testing stage. Just like Underground, Train Station, and Military Dome, the textures for the map are added in later.

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    Please, if you gonna test prototype maps in the future, add special game mode with only that map - no rotation allowed. I spended almost hour trying to find Castle, but I found only Demolition matches. Yes, I checked custom rooms too.

    Please, think about it...
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    @Andu Please dont go off topic, the begin post clearly says this thread is for the new Castle Map ONLY.
    Make a different thread or post it somewhere suitable.

    edit: splitted your posts to
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    @Hakurei first post contained some feedback about new Prototype map, but you probably didnt even try to read entire post just few first lines.

    quote myfelf:
    About new map - thats very nice map the only thing I dont like is C point from both teams. If one team occupy the C point opposite team have no chance to get in. because there are 3 or 4 spots thats bootleneck and thats easily to guard from the obstacle.
    Probably thats because of naked map (without texures) - when everything is white or gray its easy to see black enemy running.
    I really enjoy the B and D points that have maaany many spots for taking off enemies.
    Im still learning that map running with saito.

    My real first time on that map

    I think C point is hard to recover if one team will take controll once the point is impossible to recover - then game is about who will get first 5:4
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    Overall, really like the map. At first, I thought that the distances between points were a bit too far apart, but after playing it a few times it just looks like there might be a few smaller things that need to be added/amended to make it more balanced.

    1. Initial fight for C

    For some reason, it seems like 9 times out of 10 the team that starts from B inevitably wins the point. I’m not quite sure what it is exactly, but I have a few ideas. First, it might be that B-->C has more straight lines leading to C than D does, so that B team gets there quicker, especially with Paz hypersprint. D seems shorter but the interior maze might be the culprit for the delay (see 1). Second, B -->C also has a few map feature advantages over D-->C, such as; a right angle corner (see 2), good vantage point from the wall ladder, and the door positioning into the pagoda. D-->C on the other hand has two very limited doors that don’t seem to offer much field-of-view. Potential remedies might be to spawn the D team a little bit closer to C. Also, the right angle corner seems to be an advantage to B team, so perhaps a symmetrical corner can be made on the other side to benefit D team (see 3).


    2. Contesting B (C-->B & A-->B)

    This is a pretty fun section and its actually a very enjoyable point to fight over on both sides. The alleyway seems to be where all the action is and there are some fun times to be had in the interior section.

    3. Contesting A (B--> A)

    Originally I thought it would be a nightmare to get into A from B but the section seems really well balanced. It’s good that A (and E for that matter) have a slight defensive edge to keep the game going.

    4. Contesting D (C-->D & E -->D)

    I’ve noticed a bit of difficulty in E-->D’s approach, especially from a straight forward assault into the doorway behind the screens. The top-left corner of D (in the map orientation) makes it impossible for E team to get a solid foothold if you get a turret up in that spot. Perhaps adding another door (or making the door wider) might solve this. Also, the screen is a bit of an issue for the team coming from E since grenades thrown at it bounce in just the right place to wipe out anyone covering on the other side of the door. And I also agree that the bell cap is a bit too close in. But then again, that might be intentional to make the capture more challenging.


    5. Contesting E (D-->E)

    Originally I thought that this area was too open, but it makes the map more varied and fun. A few things though. Adding the additional door from the back alleyway might help the approach for the attackers and give more opportunities for the defenders. Additionally, the Defenders at E might need an object for cover on the side of the castle. I noticed that because it’s so out in the open, players hang back towards the side door instead of engaging the enemy as they approach.

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    I think I found what would be a real camping spot. Of the kind to complain about. Someone prefiring, perhaps knowing one is there might take him out of where I was, but I don't see that as enough. Perhaps the hole should be bigger. Or maybe place a window at the end so players from B would be a threat to mind. I feel like it's possible that spot would make it too easy to shut down that way to the attackers. Even if you could argue someone camping there is effectively taking himself out of A's defence, I feel the spot needs some improvements to make it less easy to defend. You can say someone can come in from the door at the other side of that corridor, but considering that's beyond the terminal room I think that's unsatisfactory answer. You get to get past the terminal to remove an advanced defender.

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    I played like 4 matches there and marked some places for attack for both teams in red arrows, and yellow places are safe positions/camp posiotions for stopping enemies
    Ghost A:
    That point is very easy to defend - there is one very safe spot that can see the point directly without risk of being taken out from the one of 2 entrances. So - you can take out enemy at the point and support ally running on point only covering him from left side. Other 2 places for defence are useless, because of direction straight on enemy entrances. and one more thing - there is nice spot for throwing nades right under enemies feet from the safe spot.

    Ghost B:

    Point E is hard to attack and easy to defend because of 2 bottlenecks with max 3 expected places to go from and there are too many places to make defence from keeping enemies at D

    The most controversial point for both teams is C -lile I mentioned before - when one team capture that point then its very hard to take it back because of ... again 2 bootlenack places and few wall climable places easy to clear by enemies. Team who capture point C will surround that point and use its stairs as a cover + few camp places in corner directed onto way out of enemies.
    Enemies climbing are instantly taken out like port ladder due to climbing animation.

    I have never been at A and E point defending them - the A point is strange.

    I detected one possible abuse place for nades. you see huge Ghost A spawn place at point A - that is next to the enemy hallway to the C point. Smart players would throw nade from A safe spot right to the hallway for wipe enemies attempting to capture C.
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    The ladders in this map is poorly placed IMO except for A's because A's is inside a room with covers. People can just literally sit and watch where people come up the ladder as they are stuck in the animation and will just instantly die. The ladder at B especially is terrible, as soon as you get up there you are instantly expose to everyone on the enemy team straight from their spawn.
    I suggest moving the ladder access behind a wall or add some kind of cover for people when they come up so they don't instantly die.

    I think you should make the last point spawns closer for the defending side because they cannot leave their spawn once their last point is taken over. By the time they try to get near the terminal or close to it their armor is already gone and people are camping around corners and instantly killing people running by specially A.
    A has a lot of cover for and angles for people to hide by.

    I find D the best place of the entire map because each team has 3 areas they can approach the terminal that is behind cover and does not let a person camp one entrance and be able to see all the others that easily. But the ramp going up to D from C is annoying since you can only see the tip of their head and they can see your entire body if they hide there looking into the terminal.

    The fences at C makes it super hard to see enemies that camp right up against it and trying to shoot them is even harder as the fence will chew up some of the bullets reducing the damage dealt to those guys. Either make the gaps in the fences bigger or remove the fences because the team that holds terminal can just sit there with a MG and spray away. Even I tough time trying to hit them with a careful sniper shot or tap firing with my ak(i don't always snipe c: )
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    I think the A point is a bit too hard for attackers to get to. There are too many well defended points that defenders can camp in to block out attackers, while attackers don't have any useful flank routes to disrupt them. Especially since the ladder that the attackers have access to is really easily guarded by just one person. Other than that I've been having a good amount of fun, but I'll update with more comments later.