Does this game support high refresh rates?

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Most games have an option to use a refresh rate higher than 60Hz. I use a 90Hz monitor and I honestly can't tell if the game is running at the much more smooth 90Hz over the default 60Hz(it feels like 60).

Whether it does or not, can this option be added to the video settings?



  • SoJaSoJa
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    Nevermind, I discovered my problem! It was an issue with my monitor overclock.
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    yeah they should implement an option to change ingame refresh rate, some people like having 60hz desktop for reasons like less brightness
  • ChampsChamps
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    i have a 144 Hz monitor ... with a SLI 970 GTX ...
    it work fine .. but the game have too much FPS drop ...
    i can have 140 FPS , but it jumping between 140 to 50 FPS ...
    maybe because the engine is still Under DX9 .. the Dll DX10 is in memroy, but not use, when the DX11 ??
    the engine use more the CPU than, the GPU
  • ho1yho1y
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    I have a 144hz monitor but I lowered it to 120HZ and capped the FPS for this game to 120fps which is alot more stable for me than leaving the frames uncapped with 144HZ refresh rate.

    I use a program called Nvidia Inspector to be able to cap the framerate without the use of V-sync.

    Im at 120FPS locked on all demo and TDM maps. Only maps I drop fps is TC maps for obvious reasons...

    using i76600 and nvidia 1080gtx, all cores unparked.