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    August 29
  • DisbreakN
    This site is being broadcast cheating. Will the measure be taken?
    January 18
  • mutronix
    Don't know why screenshot won't attach.

    Direct link:
    January 17
  • mutronix
    Me and 2 more players during the match suspected this guy (manbuns) in using wallhack. We all know about Saito ability, but there was obvious wallhack.
    January 17
  • PrymalPayn
    Not going to post in foruns this one is for you.

    January 14
    • Venkman
      Haha, I saw in discord! That's so awesome dude! Thanks, I really enjoyed it. You have some awesome video editing skills there, and of course a good taste in music ;) hahah. Thank you so much, made me smile when I got into work today. How long did it take for you to make?
    • luis0125
      Hi, I have a question because my game says it's under maintenance ?? it's under maintenance?
    • Hawkdancer
      OK the video did not come trough due to copy right if you linked it from YouTube then that is why.
      here is a site that has all the seasons and even the anime movies
      if you like the show they are also set up for download (I guess it is OK to download it being a very popular site)
      almost forgot to give the sites address LOL sorry I am under a doctors care not sleeping for the last 2 or 3 yrs been only getting about 2 hours out of 48
      here is the link

      I hope you all like the site I love it.
    • Hawkdancer
      OH man I thank I just broke one of the rules if so sorry
      I did not thank as I said no sleep so if I broke a rule when I posted that link to a web site I am sorry
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