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    September 10
  • KusanagILoveR
    Hey Lumos what about a new double EXP weekened?!
    May 6
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    March 30
  • KusanagILoveR
    Hi there Lumos! First of all thanks to you and your team (Nexon) for creating this game. Without you guys we wouldn't be here now.
    Now to my point. I got a question regarding the "Inter Gate" system. There are several categories you could get. The yellow one called "legendary" is now on my focus (Major's awesome skin). Is there a certain drope rate or possibility to get one. Because I don't really trust my luck.
    March 30
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    March 28
  • KyleKatarn
    Hey Lumos, I want you to check out the PM I sent you.
    March 15
  • luis0125
    Hi, I have a question because my game says it's under maintenance ?? it's under maintenance?
    March 6
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    March 5
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    February 23
  • Dessloch
    Sliding while firing can be a nice feature.... also cover shots
    January 26
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    January 12
  • lFlaSh
    where is the update !! >.<
    December 6, 2016
  • Heather
    Hey Lumos I have some gaming issues and I have done everything to try and fix it.
    December 2, 2016
  • KyleKatarn
    Hey Lumos! Have you checked out one of my posts that I tagged you in at the forums?
    November 28, 2016
  • Pinzilla
    Hope to get some new guns
    November 23, 2016
    November 19, 2016
  • Premier
    Hey ! Lumos Hello, I would like to talk to you by inbox, on the Hispanic Community

    Fan Page:
    October 10, 2016
  • rodroguez
    necesito un código para poder descargar el juego como ago
    August 11, 2016
  • Spoonlet
    Hey Ive been watching the streams Do you have any social medias? (This is a weird question.... I don't know i just like to follow game devs
    July 29, 2016
  • Boratizuei
    Why Not in this game does not have a quick blow , as rifle butts , jabs and shot depending on the character type without presiçar Torcar for a melee weapon ?

    ah! but thanks for this game that this very good , I liked the dynamics of grafics pretty much everything
    July 28, 2016
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    June 14, 2016
  • iiShan
    Just here to say you guys are doing good putting up with recent critisism. I know I wouldn't have the ability to. Keep up the good work! o/
    May 26, 2016
    • LumosNXA
      Thank you for your kind words. :)
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    April 20, 2016
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    March 28, 2016
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    March 25, 2016
  • Tarkin
    Hey Lumos, will be there stream in this week?
    March 23, 2016
    • LumosNXA
      Yes! I will announce the details later today :)
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    March 17, 2016
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    March 16, 2016
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    March 3, 2016
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    March 2, 2016