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  • @Pertev Since you've known about Dead or Alive, who would be your main fighters in that game?
  • LAMBDA471 wrote: » If you're asking if having full helmets and body armor as skins, I say yes. Do I like Daft Punk, I say yes. Do I want Daft Punk in First Assault, I say no. Well Daft Punk is now in First Assault anyways. I wonder if you can …
  • Venkman wrote: » Sky_Cardis wrote: » Nope. Love them but no. QFT Hey bro, tell me what your favorite Daft Punk song is!!
  • Cusashorn wrote: » Hakurei wrote: » Neople (the developers of this game) give their own twist to certain skins and guns too, just like that Paz skin, which is loosely inspired by what he wore in SAC. If they wanted to be more accurate, his su…
  • Here's another Daft Punk song that keeps me funky, Robot Rock. I bet the Tachikomas would be dancing to this song.
  • Sky_Cardis wrote: » Unless they start making a separate "skins" for "headgear" of Operatives, it wouldn't work. That would require more coding to the game. Just giving two preexisting cash shop skins and adding SAME skin with a different head t…
  • Sky_Cardis wrote: » Nope. Love them but no. Also sure there is some legal junk that will either make this not possible OR very expensive... This IS nexon keep in mind. Well this is only the helmets for those two and I think they'll look b…
  • How about the apartment building that has one of the rooms where Motoko was investigating on the Laughing Man case while two of the girls Kurutan and Ran were both sleeping in bed for a new map? I gotta tell you that was my favorite episode! I laugh…
  • @Pertev There won't be any Arise skins because First Assault is based around Stand Alone Complex.
  • Pertev wrote: » KyleKatarn wrote: » It never really bothered me with Ishikawa (because beard), but I have the same annoyance with Paz and Saito. With Saito it's really him looking younger that's the problem (He looks a bit like the Arise version…