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  • You guys... Rektified wrote: » Edit: Guys, keep posting, we need to make her cry ^.^ Succeeded already.
  • Thanks all. Don't make me cry now. Andu wrote: » And about Community Manager chair - who is going to be the next Community Manager in this game? We are currently in the process of bringing someone on to the team.
  • Andu wrote: » version 2.0 what do you mean? We are playing version 0.9.55 (OBT). If I understand it goot everything under version 1.0 is beta, am I right? So if you make live version 2.0 so there will be end of OBT period? It's more of a phras…
  • Tarkin wrote: » Isn't it better and easier to launch PTS again? We will be. This is separate from that. Veldrin wrote: » LumosNXA wrote: » […] Will this summit live streamed? I'm interested to watch it. Probably not this time.
  • ProgramCade wrote: » i still haven't received my 30kgp, don't know what to do.. @LumosNXA Your haiku did not qualify as it did not follow the 5-7-5 haiku rule.
  • sup3rn4ut wrote: » I purchased the First connection crate on 2017.4.1 which came with 100 keybits. Yesterday 2017.4.19 I purchased 110 keybits. I used all 210+ as of last night. I have no 10% added to my account today after the patch. What gi…
  • Darkwolf3802 wrote: » Wow, so for $100+ worth of key bits purchased I got less then 175 key bits as compensation. I feel like I got shafted again by nexon... As stated in the patch notes, the 10% gift only applies to Key Bits used, not purchase…
  • We're back up & running!
  • Maintenance complete! Thank you for your patience, Operatives. Please see this message regarding compensation >>
  • FYI guys, this is happening TONIGHT. APR. 19, 2017 PDT: 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT: 3:00 AM – 3:00 PM GMT: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM CEST: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM AEDT: 6:00 PM – 6:00 AM (April 20)
  • Everything is answered in the article above. Please read through the entire article. Even if you use Steam, you were required to create a Nexon account, that's the thing that pops up before the game launches. Skeltran wrote: » I still don't know …
  • If you take a look at the patch notes, we HAVE made performance / netcode updates...unfortunately, they've fallen short and are not always perfect. Testing internally vs releasing it to the public provides different results when it comes to these t…
  • Way too much attitude here... you need to cool it, please. This is for routine Windows maintenance that we do every single month. Venkman is correct here - "due to windows having updated something. This would more than likely apply to an OS updat…
  • This is for routine Windows maintenance.
  • Venkman wrote: » @Midlord I believe that your reward was added to your GP directly, not as a voucher. Please confirm. Yep, this! confirmed that your GP was added to your total
  • Love this idea! I've always wanted a mall setting map.
    in TC Map Comment by LumosNXA April 12
  • 8. Warranties and Representations: By submitting an entry or otherwise participating in the Promotion, each entrant warrants and represents that at all times the entrant has complied fully with these Official Rules; and the entrant will continue to…
  • We only hold rights to First Assault. Cannot comment on any future games based on the GITS universe. That'd be in Production I.G. and Kodansha's power.
  • It was raised to 60 with our patch in December. We're currently working on a patch, date to be announced...
  • Thanks all for your honest feedback. A patch is currently in the works to address some of these issues. Hope to have more info to provide in the coming days.