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  • I don’t like the weapon restrictions. Its just a lazy way to avoid balancing the damn weapons already. The same with the classes. Instead of balancing they do this workaround. We will see if its good, but i highly doubt it. People just wanted THR…
  • but we balance it. now borma gets 450 hp on t2 and is assault class. only assault class are allowed to use the khx. its balanced now!
  • I don’t mind some funny tsundere Maven radio commands at round begin or some funny quotes from other operatives that fits the just happened situation, but it has to be at round begin or when there really is no need to focus, since the bomb is alread…
    in Radio spam Comment by Veldrin June 14
  • Assault class (Assault rifles, Machine guns, according to
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  • Guys, patience. We’ll see.
  • I’d like to participate as well
    in Join The PTS! Comment by Veldrin June 9
  • I like teh sliding. It remembers me to Mirror’s Edge and i really liked it. But double jump? Okay they are cyborgs. Hmm… we will see. And anyway this is the japanese version. No guarantee that is coming to western version as well.
  • Do you like Ramen?
    in Rock & Metal Comment by Veldrin June 7
  • Don’t forget some people have more experience in tapping, have a no walmart sale mouse where the mouse button breaks right in the middle (happens to my last mouse lol, but right button and it was an expensive mouse… pff^^)
    in M4 spread Comment by Veldrin June 7
  • SpitefulSpirit wrote: » I never use bipods on any wpns cause as for me they have unrealistic mechanics in game and totally ruining any logic. If you have ideas about it welcome to my discussion
  • spinningddiscoball wrote: » For most of the smgs including ump I wouldnt bother with a silencer because you limit your range + fall off damage when you dont realy need to because your going to be up close and in the enemies faces any way with the…
  • Was soll man da groß sagen. Die Entwickler sind halt Dullis und sich anscheinend zu fein mal ein paar Informatiönchen zu zwitschern oder fratzebuchen. Desweiteren sind sie extrem damit beschäftigt die Kuh zu melken und Flaggen zu googeln, zu zeichne…
  • porcofon wrote: » Example: Kuro's chipset "EMP DELIVERY" states "EMP placement range 100%". WTF is that meaning? You sell me Kuro with an aftermarket EMP ability and now you sell me the original, or what the hell is that? Batou's "STABLE LAUNCHER…
  • porcofon wrote: » Champs wrote: » since Lumos left the company, all Nexon moderators disapeared from the forum, no official dev trackers ... i'm not enough confident to think if the 2.0 is a failure with the netcode optimisation, the 2.1 will h…
  • Hilli wrote: » I hope the accuracy will reduce while sliding I think it is a bit too high. Or maybe it's a SMG feature, higher accuracy while sliding I assumed that as well.
  • Hilli wrote: » Batou 2.0 and Sliding^tfw&ref_url= I thought the sliding would be worse. But what i see in this video seems not overpowered. I like it.
  • Just pick Maven and shout some tsundere back and then ignore them.
    in Radio spam Comment by Veldrin June 3
  • I tested alot different setups the last month. A setup with bipod, muzzleflash, red laser and different grips or without bipod and grips at all. with that or that silencer. Different sights… For my UMP i use this setup that is SSE-5 Grip with red…
  • In times of Motokos that are hard to spot or Saitos that still can nullify an specific operative completely i must say Bormas are not the biggest plague. At least you can see them and also they don't see you before you see them, nor they're voiding…