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  • Player48105 wrote: » KusanagILoveR wrote: » Also got kicked several times for using the "F2020". thumbs up KusanagILoveR wrote: » I would suggest, don't cry and use that weapon type, too. That easy and if you don't ... stop yelling or spa…
  • They must nerf all four high-ROF ARs not only the F2020. Of course some more some less, but F2020, Seburo C30, F-Mas and S25r in this order from much to less are all overpowered in comparison to other weapons (excluding sniper rifles)
  • I tried it. But the accent is way too strong. I understood only the half of what he said. I’d bet he is german like me, and ironically i don’t understand him ^^ Okay after a while i managed to understand him. LOL. very interesting video, the most …
  • Andu wrote: » I think not every single hacker will use clearly visible hacks, if someone have permanent saito scan and use saito then you cant be sure if he use wall hack or he really used heat sensor. Second thing: Perfect aiming - smart haxors …
  • Three of my favourite tracks from Daft Punk would be from their Tron Legacy soundtrack: End of Line, Fall and Solar Sailer. This track i loved as a child. I like to listen to it from time to time for the nostalgics. And its not a bad track…
  • Reijiphantom wrote: » Put a hard range limit on SMGs like there is on Shotguns and Pistols. If you do this you can put the UMP in the trash bin. SMGs got nerfed and this aswell would kill the UMP finally.
  • Almalexion wrote: » It matters. I enjoy 3 things. Getting lots of kill in legit way, be able to buy all of the weapons with my effort, and catchin' reportin' and bannin' hackers which is like a merit of honor to me. I recorded totally 4 hacker i…
  • CBC1 bringts eigentlich nur bei SGs und MGs. Ansonsten ist es Geschmackssache. Bei der AK z.B. wäre es Quatsch, da sie schon bei einer gewissen Schadensschwelle ist und von 5% mehr Schaden nicht profitiert. Ein MG aber könnte davon profitieren um mi…