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    in New to Game. Comment by Veldrin April 25
  • Yellow and red pings indeed are a pain. I can understand those players (from Australia or something) want to play, but the ruin the game for every other one if they play in a region they get a yellow or even red ping.
  • Rektified wrote: » Veldrin wrote: » A nerf of the M4A1 would be really ridiculous. That is like when they now buff the Motoko, Borma and Saito because Maven, Kuro and Paz are way to overpowered LOL. Sure this isnt likely but since they int…
    in M4 spread Comment by Veldrin April 24
  • You have to rob a bank for getting the skin you want now
  • Seems to be the same like this: The spread is real not only while crouching. The spread is crazy in every situation. The M4A1 spread is buggy AF ATM. If this is the same pr…
  • A friend had this issue (Nexon Launcher) but not me (Steam)
  • The shooting bug occurs quite often. Only thing that helps is to switch to knife and left click one(?) at least several times. And the barrier placement bug. So many bugs. God damn it.
  • X7factor wrote: » I test Both weapons, and still working in the same form, the famous F2020 (the best n--b choice xD ) in comparison of the KHX.. KHX have some defects. I prefer my lovely F+. Which defects does the KHX have? I picked it up se…
  • Rektified wrote: » I dont actually know whether its a bug or a intended nerf but after update I detected some differences in accuracy/performance of M4A1. When I tapfire very fast without moving at a single target then after the first few bullets …
    in M4 spread Comment by Veldrin April 24
  • I experienced the same. And maybe this can happen with AK47 as well – A player ingame told me that. I need to try that myself first to confirm it, but i can definitely confirm that bug for the M4A1. I recognized it after two days i wondering why i s…
    in M4 spread Comment by Veldrin April 24