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  • It was rektified who come up with the wall of text for warface not me.
  • intergate skins -> into mc shop and at least 75 percent off. i really want my maven uniform dress skin… -______-
  • So for me the things what killed the game are the other things, but definitely not the allegedly lack of dissimilarity. For me the main reasons that killed the game were (I’ll keep it very short, since everyone talked enough about that already):…
  • FistfulOfZen wrote: » I agree, Dharion. 2.0 killed the game, but it's a symptom, not a cause. The cause was that the development team doesn't understand the global FPS market. The F2P model only works if the product you're offering is actually wor…
  • Great track, Batou and nice words. Let’s remember the good moments we had with this game. PS: Aber noch tut es weh (eng: But it’s still hurting) (refering to lyric: "Es tut nicht mehr weh" = "it doesn’t hurt anymore")
  • Bye, iiShan o/
  • I dunno how to extract files so i recorded some of the awesome radio chat phrases. Every operative had 2-3 phrases I really miss to hear But only with recording some phrases will be missing.
  • Dharion wrote: » Sorry to see you go Veldrin, hope you saw Predictables post. I really hope they give us 1.0 back for a couple of months of unrestricted fun before they pull the plug. RIP GitS:FA I am afraid i missed that one.
  • The time is not that what bugs me. The thing what bugs me is that Nexon just pull the trigger like a shy dog. This slaps developers and community in the face. Thanks for the warm words. You contributed much as well and were active in forums, too.
  • Hahaha. I would lay my hand into fire, all of them are 100% clean players.
  • Dharion wrote: » Veldrin wrote: » […] Wish i played with you honestly.. had my share of great players, but your list is a lot longer haha Yeah. It’s really sad this game will be sunset. a shame… Dang it i wanted to play one match with Mave…
  • It was me a pleasure to play with you: ManiacBat0u (god of nades, my brother) T4ME (terminal god, the real Motoko) Kerniger (god of hipfire, skilled AK/pistol player) Izumichan (we had some unforgettable games) Asten91 (we did not play often,…
  • I think i’ll probably try Black Squad again or Counter-Strike or just pause from Online shooter games.
  • Listen to your community or you will lose even more players. You already lost about ~25 players i played with. And i am on the edge.
  • Strafing is screwed. the crosshair takes too long to smallen again.
    in More pdw? Comment by Veldrin August 20
  • iiShan wrote: » I'd rather they introduce new PDW's instead of converting more SMG's into them, myself. More guns means more options in my book. As long as they're balanced right and feel different. Because of this, since i make no naive hopes, …
    in More pdw? Comment by Veldrin August 20
  • Exeterman79 wrote: » I think some of you guys are getting this all wrong about Togusa. If you recall, he's not someone with a military background like the others are, he was a police detective, he didn't have military training. Police officers a…
  • And that tsundere behaviour and the apples.
  • Except your enemy listen to the name Lauren, then you're fooked hihi. (One of) the best Maven sniper i saw ingame.