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  • I have a headbanger for you guys oops was shadow sun but I posted it before so new one:
  • [/quote] As long as there will be SMG Bormas jumping around like rabbits, Saitos running around with ARs, Motkos with ARs or SRs, Mavens sniping behind barriers, there better be weapon restrictions.[/quote] What about Borma 400HP playing S…
  • This happens to me for one time long ago. It was on TC map Underground and I could not leave my spawn I just fall in the ground every time I tried to leave the spawn. But in Spawn I could run and jump like normal. Sometimes First Assault is like bei…
  • So I know I am not a pro, but I will give you my think of view aswell. I have a 400 euro PC, not an expensive mouse, a normal keyboard, a small monitor.... map awareness and looking on minimap, looking what teammates do, footsteps are waayy more…
  • 5.- Don't panic, if you fave 3-5 enemies at the same time, you know you are dead, but instead of panic and running away, try to stay cool and take one or two with you to the hell. made my day
  • My Testexperience: Pro: -Terminal Conquest you have a large area to capture -new interesting Characters -new map looks nice -map design changed, cyber ward looks amazing -sliding nice idea it will destroy me but its a nice idea Contra: -Weap…
  • By the way @porcofon, if you have rockmusic with romanian language I would be happy to listen to. Subway to Sally - Sag dem Teufel
  • To say it like Maven: How could I make such a mistake? We have many romanians here. And some are my friends
  • Ah ok viva la Espana
  • @PierreTombale Better a Noob as a cheater, flamer, ragequitter or people who have just no teamplay and btw we all are Noobs XD
  • Ok Ricardo is much more something for Veldrin I guess. But I like the bells or what instrument that is
  • Yeah similar to me. I raised up too with difference music styles and let me google Ricardo Villabos. See you on the battlefield XD
  • Yeah I know that two collaborations;) and they are always good and make me feel flying through clouds. I must admit that you have a wide variety of music taste and thats awesome XD
  • If u say Borma is a specialist in Demo you must agree me that Batou is the specialist in TERMINAL and its my most favourite gamemode, because you can do Objectives and there are the lovely thinktanks AND in this mode the KDR is irrelevant. I would g…
  • I wont let this channel die XD Lovely Joy Denalany - Im Ghetto von SOWETO
  • I dont judge someone by his skincolour, but its obvious that there are less black then white guitarist but this guy from Animals as Leaders must be one of the best guatarist I ever listened to
  • I dont understood that much from that text. but black jesus hilarious XD And Rap+Metal is sometimes very nice;) Animals as Leaders - Cafo Enjoy its awesome bought the whole album today
  • I love all your music you post and post much more please XD Because I want always to post something but I cant hold myself
  • Eloy - Poseidon's Creation