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  • Thank you everyone for the feedback you have provided so far. We are continuing to note down and compile everything everyone has said, both negative and positive, and we are having discussions with the developers based on your feedback. Please co…
  • Cusashorn you got the Cyber Cases today at 3:55 AM...
  • Rewards Complete an hour of play between both test dates and receive 5 Cyber Cases. Fill out a survey (available later here) to receive 5 extra Cyber Cases! 20 players who provide the most comprehensive feedback will also receive the exclusive …
  • Thank you for the kind words. We have heard the warranted complaints about favorite weapons being no longer useable, due to being locked behind Operatives that players do not own. We have opened a new event that will give 250,000 GP to players wh…
  • Hey guys, we put up an event that rewards 250,000 GP for diving into one match. I hope this helps some of you who are locked from using your favorite weapons unlock an Operative that can use them.
  • We will continue to monitor weapon and Operative balance, but thank you for your feedback.
  • Hey guys, we put up an event that will give 250,000 GP to players who dive into one match. Hopefully this will allow anyone who has weapons locked behind Operatives they do not own buy at least one Operative of that class. Thanks for your feedbac…
  • nopp wrote: » Predictable wrote: » KNIFE CHANGES Right Click and Left Click damage values have been increased. Assassination remains a one hit kill. To be more specific Default knife: 80 Double Katar: 90 Double Raptor: 98 Pay to wi…
  • UPDATE: PTS has been extended by an hour due to the large turn out of users.  Thank you for your support, have fun, and don't forget to fill out the survey!
  • The PTS test is through STEAM ONLY. I will edit the original post for clarity. @2305 For the sake of brevity we did not go into details regarding the abilities of the operatives. Reiko has some drawbacks that make her ability more than fair.
  • Agreed that muting radio spam should be an option. Thanks for the suggestion!
    in Radio spam Comment by Predictable June 8
  • I'm not a huge fan of the bipod either. Doesn't make sense state-wise, doesn't make sense gameplay-wise. I don't know about removing them from the game, but changing the way they work wouldn't be out of the question.
  • At the end of the day it is a team game, and we want you to be successful based on how well you can work with a team of players who may not be the best, not necessarily how many kills you get in a match.