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  • Fun? - feedback from a vet

    Thank you for your feedback @ouchouchouch, well thought, well worded, and honest.

    I have to say I agree on the TTK and I am a super aggressive player. As of late, my "skill"/playstyle has become harder to enjoy.
  • Why does reporting hackers matter?

    The bottom line is it is important to report for the following reasons:

    1) To attempt to ban that player/account (yes VPNs perhaps offer loopholes, I don't know the process, but we can't solve world peace/hunger in 1 day either right?)
    2) To keep up to date with all of the hacks
    3) To try and get ahead of hacks
    4) To help report game hacking website/communities to all (this is for the betterment of the game industry, not just GITS)
  • Distress Signal For More Ops

    Made it myself, borrowed the comic from DC, did a google search for it.
  • Mouse problem

    Hmm, ok passing this along. Try one thing, see if there is a way to disable the pad and just use the mouse. Perhaps the software is getting confused on which input to use when it comes to your pointer and it is mixing the pad & mouse up.
  • First Assault: ¿Do you protect cheaters?

    Everyone take it easy please and just tone it down a little bit. Let's not resort to name calling and other childlike tendencies.

    As for someone who knows what you are talking about, then perhaps you can enlighten the mods to help make the game better in a personal chat. Right now with that statement I am lead to believe that you yourself know how to use these cheats and do so on a regular basis. And that is not me accusing you, that is me commenting directly on what you said.

    Please remember, as another OP has already stated, there are skills in game that could basically be considered "hacks" in any other game. Like Saito being able to see through walls, Paz having sprinting speed, Motoko being invisible. In terms of shooting through walls, there are some bugs and that has been noted, but also there is cover that is penetrable. Mixing these, and other skills/bugs with an extremely fast game play may perhaps seem like there is a lot more wild west style hacking going on than there really is. That is not to say hacking doesn't exist, but be rest assured that the DEV team is doing everything they can to stay up to date on this, as well as banning hackers in general. I know sarcasm was the tone of this topic, but why on earth any game company would protect cheaters is beyond me. Saying that is the case is unfounded and reactionary rather than accurate by any means.