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  • Rock & Metal

    New Trivium single is out, not sure how I feel about it. I like it but it kind of feels all over.

    Got some slayer vibes. PS, how the heck do I get the video to embed?
  • Chat & voice command mute

    I am slightly confused. Are you asking for a mute button that mutes all communications overall, chat and voice lines? If so that does not exist at the moment, but I can pass it along as a suggestion.
  • Rock & Metal

    Sorry for your loss @porcofon
  • High Jump

    Enough is enough. The "crap" mentioned is not the discussion, if this was a true discussion, I would not be here warning people to cool it. The "crap" is the attitude and responses from both sides of the parties...

    If one cannot play nice, or rather talk nice, with out having emotions fuel arguments that should be discussions, then I suggest they go elsewhere.

    Closing the thread.
  • High Jump

    First and only warning to you all here. Play nice and cut the crap.

    If you have a suggestion or complaint about the game, and want input.. and post for that input. Then expect input. That includes things you do and do not want to hear. Not shooting every comment down from people discussing the topic because you do not agree. Also, on the same note, expect people to go off topic, or add different input and suggestions. Don't presume that everyone and their brother is out to get you because people are not necessarily agreeing with your point of view. There are pros and cons to both sides of this discussion, BUT the most important thing is to have a civilized adult conversation. Not to point fingers back and forth about reading comprehension, needing lessons, or lack of common sense and the like.

    When you boil it all down, these are all opinions, and not only does everyone have one, but they are also entitled to it too.

    My personal opinion... No Operative class should have any sort of movement benefit over the other unless it is specific to their being, and in that case it should be applied to that Operative only, not a class category. In other words, Paz can have movement enhancing things, that's his shtick. But to give a subsect of classes (multiple Operatives) access to movement enhancing abilities that the rest of the classes in game don't have access to, causes more problems than benefits. Especially in a game where the whole point is the variation between Operative skills in the first place. This only furthers the issue by saying a certain select group of operatives have movement abilities that other's don't. If that is how we want to roll, then all subsects need to have a "special" ability specific to the class they are under in addition to their Operative skill. That goes for floor sliding as well, which is even sillier in my opinion than the epic "jump" discussion that is going on at the moment.