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  • Informations about the 2.0

    Oh boy... crazy .... "weapons license" don't know about that but I hope it isn't what it sounds like.
  • Pissed off players

    I understand completely @porcofon and thank you for communicating that again. I agree that players will lose interest in the missions and crates with these issues, which is why giving the feedback you all are is so very important to the DEV team. The issues people have (myself included on some of these things) is getting compounded with the events. But events have nothing to do with the rng system, and visa versa, so though they are involved, they are not related.

    However, one effects the other. So even though an event may be extremely hard to complete, getting rewarded with a country emblem has nothing to do with the event, I just want to be clear that there are multiple concerns here, we cannot lump them together and expect a changed base on that "lump" (ew thats a terrible way of saying it but I have no other words to use hahah). One is the event, one is the reward.

    Perhaps there should be different tiers of "difficulties" for missions/events, that in turn reward different tiers of "loot". So harder more grindy events could perhaps reward something my fellow Mod @Hakurei calls "sure rewards". Something like GP/XP/Weapons/Weapon skins/the fabled OP license. While the less difficult/less time consuming events could reward items that are based on the RNG system. As long as everyone has low to little expectations for the RNG system rewards in general, because by nature it is random. Just a suggestion that we came up with, what do you all think?
  • Pissed off players

    I understand your frustration and disappointment everyone, but remember guys it is an RNG system and its new, so expect the extreme of any outcome (good or bad). Any time I open loot boxes in any game (including this one, and a billion dollar one on the market now) I go in with zero expectations. There never was a promise to get anything good/that I want, so I don't expect it to show up.

    I am honestly making this comment because I think people are a tad unrealistic about getting "good loot" in a FTP game that has a loot system based off of RNG, and again is new to the game. You can say I am defending the game, but honestly I am not. I am trying to explain why it is a tad silly to get so upset about an RNG reward system. That is the nature of RNG, its random. If you choose to spend money on an RNG system, that is your choice, no one made you enter your credit card info. Additionally, if you are getting loot boxes and such for free for participating in an event, regardless of how long the event is, remember two things. One, you got it for free. Two, you chose to spend the time and energy on the event. No where in any communication was there any garuntee of getting specific items, skins, icons, portraits, etc. Also remember that this is a young system to the game. If you chose to invest in the first iteration of a brand new system, that is a risk you chose to take. Now of course that doesn't mean we want, or requested an RNG loot system, but it showed up, so.... lets make the best and give good critiques to make it better, rather than beat a dead horse so much that our comments become a dulled out low hum that is hardly audible.

    I am sorry if that sounds harsh, but we really need to be realistic on this.

    That being said, the system is not perfect, I will fully admit to and agree with anyone on that topic. But... again, this game is in EA, the system is new (ish at this point), and there has only been 1 iteration of it. Technically 2 if you count the patch a few days/weeks later from the initial release. You may not agree with the content of the loot that you can win (ok that is viable) but remember that there has to be filler to any RNG system. So as of right now it is country flags and such. Perhaps it will turn to sprays and icons one day, but this is literally no different than OW and the like (outside of the paint system.) The difference is the content being awarded and the amount of content that can be awarded, and you all have voiced your opinions quite loudly.. Thus, the point is players will always take issue to what the rewards are, because the nature of the RNG system HAS to have filler. That means stuff that people don't really care about or want. It's just how it is. :(
  • How do you get your Twitch Rewards?

    The team members that were on the stream should indeed have pinged you. If they have not by now, give it a few more days (due to the weekend happening), then check in again.
  • Selling Weapons and Attachments

    There has been a rumor (Tkat) >< that there will be a buy back system implemented at some point. Again that was a rumor, I cannot confirm if that is still on track or happening.