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  • Some advice questions

    I honestly think OPs would be the best thing first, unless you know for sure you like the OP you have. Then weapons. However, if you are happy with your current OP, weapon is a must. Also, I have to edit your post for being a little NSFW.
  • Seeing motoko-only teams is common, fix pls

    Um... they probably flock to Motoko because she is the face of GITS, and also most new players are playing as her. So my guess is that is why you see so many Motokos, especially since we all know how hard it can be to get GP. Also, the new movie is out, we just had an update, so... there are probably a lot more new players online now than normal (just guessing). Either way, it isn't because they are garbage I'm sure.

    Plus theres that Motoko bootay... I'm sure that also plays a factor.
  • Intergate Key rates are heartless.

    I can understand the frustration, but let's not hang people out to dry.

    The system is DAYS old, it has to be modified, I would say most people agree on that, including myself.

    Presuming "the devs think this game is the hottest on the market and that spending $100 and getting nothing is normal" is a completely unfounded and reactionary statement. On top of that, saying that they will do nothing about it because they didn't directly answer your question is also misplaced and not true.

    In the age of instant gratification due to the limitless potential of the internet, we need to remind ourselves that people are still people, they have feelings, and that just because something didn't come out of the oven perfectly baked on the first try doesn't mean your cake will fall again on the 3rd try. Instant fixes, instant gratification, and always being acknowledged just because you have an opinion or spoke is not realistic, nor is it how life functions in reality.

    Thank you both for your input, believe it or not, you are being heard, but framing a discussion and phrasing things better is very important. Otherwise you get witch hunts.
  • Why I don't support this game

    I feel like I need to call you Yoda @Midlord :P
  • In Terminal Conquest, how I can active Tachikoma?

    "E" activates it, you just have to be sure that you have your progress bar to deploy it fully charged! :)

    Also, be sure to spec our your Tachi, there are options to equip it with some extra goodies :P