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  • In Terminal Conquest, how I can active Tachikoma?

    "E" activates it, you just have to be sure that you have your progress bar to deploy it fully charged! :)

    Also, be sure to spec our your Tachi, there are options to equip it with some extra goodies :P
  • NX Skins Removal from Market

    Any system that rewards items that change the game randomly are not ideal. I agree, but when it comes to cosmetic stuff... I have no problem. After all, its how your character looks, not how they perform, how well you do or what advantages you have is still all on you.

    I understand the concerns, but I just don't see this being a big deal if all it is doing is effecting cosmetics, and again, we don't have all the info.
  • Motoko - Hand Drawn by Lyh.

    No problem at all :) Hopefully the suggestions help and don't come off as bossy hahah. Just keep at it @Lyh :) your doing great! Check out some of @Dandare 's work, hes got great stuff is and is always working on his art. Here is his personal thread ;)

    Your clipboard technique is a good start for sure, and look at you! Already ahead of the game with different pencils/markers!

    Yea proportions and perspective is hard, even the most skilled artists still struggle with it, so don't get discouraged at all. As you keep sketching and such, you are going to develop techniques that work for you and you will start to see things differently than you did before, which will help you progress in tackling the difficulties of drawing.

    See ya on the battlefield! :)
  • NX Skins Removal from Market

    It's like you're asking us to buy cosmetic items before 8th March when we don't even know if it's more worth it now or after the planned maintenance. And who wants this update? It seems a greedy mechanic (and we all know it is! All NX games have such items drop system). GITS community clearly asked for major bug fixing, none really care about skins or similar, expecially if servers crash twice a week or netcode sucks.

    I'm done. I'm really tired of all of this.
    I HIGHLY stress waiting for more information before people start crucifying others. Your concern is heard, but unfounded at this point, we don't know anything more than what Lumos posted. And to be honest, my guess is this system would function like most modern day games that have cosmetic elements to them. So..... considering that is more or less a "standard" now in games, I don't understand why this particular instance deserves such an uproar. Blizzard seems to be doing just fine with it in OW, TF2 has something similar, but technically it even uses items that change game mechanics in crates. That is more game changing than this.

    About bugs and such... Understand that game development has many facets to it. Some are technical, some are cosmetic. Patches happen when a development team is ready, or feels ready, to release them. We have NO control over any of this. Getting very upset and rage posting in response to 1 post about a patch with out even getting more detail about it or even playing the patch (since it has yet to be released) does nothing but generate and breed angst. Not only for you, but for others in the community.

    Keep in mind two things Lumos said:
    "hundreds of items" - HUNDREDS guys.... one more time... HUNDREDS, that's a lot. If anything, that should show that there has been a lot of work going on in the background that we don't know about (including and not including cosmetic stuff). Let's be optimistic about what they could be.

    "This is just one of many exciting features and systems that will be added to the game in the coming months" - Key words here, ONE OF MANY, and FEATURES AND SYSTEMS. Sounds like there is a lot coming very soon... My guess is that this would have to do more with the technical side of the game. So again, ... be patient and stay positive!
  • NX Skins Removal from Market

    So your replacing the ability to buy what you want with a gambling GATCHA only system where you only get random items, knowing that a small handful of people will gamble till they get what they want.

    If that's the case then your spinning a horrible scummy move as an exciting change.
    Let's wait for more details before we start making presumptions.