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    Would be cool to have some weekly times that all the DEVs and MODs are on perhaps even Lumos to play with the community! :)
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    First and only warning to you all here. Play nice and cut the crap.

    If you have a suggestion or complaint about the game, and want input.. and post for that input. Then expect input. That includes things you do and do not want to hear. Not shooting every comment down from people discussing the topic because you do not agree. Also, on the same note, expect people to go off topic, or add different input and suggestions. Don't presume that everyone and their brother is out to get you because people are not necessarily agreeing with your point of view. There are pros and cons to both sides of this discussion, BUT the most important thing is to have a civilized adult conversation. Not to point fingers back and forth about reading comprehension, needing lessons, or lack of common sense and the like.

    When you boil it all down, these are all opinions, and not only does everyone have one, but they are also entitled to it too.

    My personal opinion... No Operative class should have any sort of movement benefit over the other unless it is specific to their being, and in that case it should be applied to that Operative only, not a class category. In other words, Paz can have movement enhancing things, that's his shtick. But to give a subsect of classes (multiple Operatives) access to movement enhancing abilities that the rest of the classes in game don't have access to, causes more problems than benefits. Especially in a game where the whole point is the variation between Operative skills in the first place. This only furthers the issue by saying a certain select group of operatives have movement abilities that other's don't. If that is how we want to roll, then all subsects need to have a "special" ability specific to the class they are under in addition to their Operative skill. That goes for floor sliding as well, which is even sillier in my opinion than the epic "jump" discussion that is going on at the moment.
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    LadyJKU wrote: »
    Let's say I agree with you, it might be some kind of "mercedes benz SL 65amg with engine from VAZ" of gaming industry. And I'm surely not going back to this game since DEVs literally show us their middle fingers - I'm looking forward to see some Moderator coming here and complaining it is definitely not true, because DEVs are aware of all the issues and they do their best to fix them. Like they always do since last few months.
    I'd be probably banned for expressing my thoughts here, but honestly I could care less, as you said - I lost hopes in this game looooooong time ago. Guess I still didn't learn my lesson and that's why I come back to this forum to see whether they actually DO something or just earn money on fools who buy NXs.

    Your wish is my command, I have been summoned. But... I'm not going to defend anything, your opinions are your own, either way, let's take it easy on the DEV bashing. Thank you.

    As for complaining about any of the game optimizations. I think we all have the same feelings that there are issues that can/should be addressed. However, now that 2.0 is basically hitting soon, I say we wait to see what sort of improvements are made to the game before we continue to complain.

    As far as what the mods have done for the last few months... man we (I) have been trying to do everything we (I) can to keep channels open and communicate with you all. We are not getting much information, and to be quite frank, it's getting a little tiresome dealing with the same entitled people that seem to constantly shout at the top of their lungs the same things over and over and over again by putting in one liner back handed comments made in passing on posts... This has been said numerous times but, we, the Mod team, are made of volunteers. We are getting nothing out of this, we are doing it for the love of GITS and hoping to bring an awesome IP to the world of gaming. Do we agree with all decisions/changes made all the time? no. Do we have an actual direct input to help make decisions on the game? no. Do we get any more information or before you guys do? no..... But, we have responsibilities that we have agreed to as part of our duty as forum moderators. If us trying to keep the peace and cool within the community so we are not at war with ourselves or with the DEV team is considered a fault or a crime, then I'm guilty as charged. Put yourselves in other peoples shoes guys...
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    Just a heads up that whatever is released in JP is not guaranteed to release here.