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  • Daft Punk in First Assault

    LAMBDA471 wrote: »
    If you're asking if having full helmets and body armor as skins, I say yes. Do I like Daft Punk, I say yes. Do I want Daft Punk in First Assault, I say no.

    Well Daft Punk is now in First Assault anyways. I wonder if you can find them in this screenshot? lol

  • Saito as Golgo 13

    You all probably know that Saito is a well known Japanese sniper for Section 9, but did you know there was another skilled Japanese sniper who is hired to assassinate is named Golgo 13? Both have the same buzz cut and are sharpshooting snipers. I think it would be awesome for Saito to cosplay as Golgo 13 in First Assault, like let's say give him his original left eye and don him a professional business suit. I still get the similar feeling that Saito and Golgo would've dueled each other in a sniper match, but my own thought for Saito is that he'll look rather cool as Golgo 13.

    Fun Fact: Did you know the creator of the Golgo 13 manga series is actually Takao Saito?

  • Favorite Dead or Alive character?

    For those of you guys who ever played Dead or Alive, it is a fighting game that lets you playing as hot gorgeous girls with bouncing breasts. I want all of you guys who are familiar with the fighting game series to tell me, which of these fighters would you use? I would go with Kokoro, Helena Douglas, Ayane, Tina Armstrong, Christie, Hayate, Leon, and Jann Lee for myself.

  • Saito Pre-Cybernetic Left Eye Outfit Suggestion

    Would be so cool if we can get a new outfit for Saito before he got his own cybernetic left eye, but how did he get a cybernetic left eye? You see in Episode 14 of Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, Saito plays a game of poker with the guys and explains to them how he got his cybernetic left eye during his time as a sniper in World War IV. He and Major Motoko Kusanagi were both dueling in a gun battle. The Major took out his left eye and Saito only scarred the Major on her right cheek. So that explains how Saito got his well known cybernetic left eye made with his sniper abilities for Section 9 purposes. Now I wonder what you guys actually might think about Saito's new outfit with his original left eye before going cybernetic?


  • [CONTEST OVER] Halloween 2016 Creative Contest

    Alrighty, folks, we have our five winners! CONGRATULATIONS TO....

    1st place: eNki_RnD

    2nd place: LGZ23

    3rd place: IRequestADuel

    4th place: Vacc1nation

    5th place: AntaresV

    Thank you to all of our operatives for entering our very first fan art contest! We received some incredible entries and we are thankful that so many of you entered! Please stay tuned for more contests, coming soon!
    Well this sucks I didn't win... I won't be doing anymore Contest Arts because I always get the feeling I'm so depressed. -_-