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  • Quitting the game and Nexon forever

    Well so this is it, after all the time I've put into the game, after countless hours of putting together a guide, It wasn't enough. Nexon has ultimately decided to can the game just like Dungeon Fighter Online before it.

    I don't blame Disrespect, Predictable, Puffyhuff, or Lumos. You guys were great even at times when it didn't seem like it.

    And I don't blame Neople or Team Waffle, These guys made Dungeon Fighter Online and to this day is still one of my favorite games.

    And even if it seems like it at times, I don't blame the community as a whole. I've met some good people in the playerbase.

    I will be making videos within the last 4 months to record what will be known as "The Final Days of First Assault." They will serve as a reminder on how great the game actually was and I hope sometime, someday the game will be revived, just not published by Nexon.

    If you like to stay in touch, I have a personal discord server set up, That way the FA refuges can stay together even after the game has been shut down. Link: https://discord.gg/7MjkZmj

    This will be my last post on these forums, I wish it wasn't but that's how it goes. Unless things change of course but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    So yeah, See you all out there and take care.
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  • Togusa is not a Sniper

    I think some of you guys are getting this all wrong about Togusa. If you recall, he's not someone with a military background like the others are, he was a police detective, he didn't have military training. Police officers are given training on the use of weapons like sniper rifles and personal defense weapons. And to add to that lore wise, he's not a complete cyborg (Only a cyberbrain) Therefore, making him anything else wouldn't make sense.
  • New game mode idea - Siege

    Remember episode 2 in the show? Well I was thinking about how a game mode could be made around that episode.

    The attackers will escort the HAW206 Multiped Tank seen in that episode or the Type 3 tank to the target area and defenders must try to stop it

    Attackers can manually control the tank, It will be more heavily armored (Arm launcher, EMP, and sentries will deal no damage) and have more powerful weapons than a Tachi but movement will be limited .

    Defenders will have access to more than one Tachikoma. (up to 3 at a time) This will be the means of damaging the tank. Also with manually operation for Tachis on the way this won't be much of a problem.

    This idea is a work in progress but it would bring another Tachikoma based game mode to the game.
  • New weapon class - Designated marksman rifle

    USAINBOLT wrote: »
    It would allow the support class to be closer to the fight and still deal some damage..

    its called "Support" for a reason.

    sounds like you only want to keep rushing around with support class just like before, no matter how badly the game balance is ruined

    weapon restrictions are the only hope of ever balancing this game, although if supports are forced to play with snipers they should at least fix the fake up/down scope sway or make the ACTUAL crosshair move with the scope reticle

    also you already have ARs that 3-4shot people, there isn't any room for "DMRs" in the game unless you make them 2shot people in the chest (which would obviously be OP because they cant have bad range either)

    I think you misunderstand what I'm talking about, DMRs are purely semi automatic, would have significantly less damage than a SR, and Supports would no longer limited to long range.

    Alot of games with SRs also have DMRs to balance them off and give anyone a choice at a different play style without changing the core concept of a Support.

    DMRs are known to have long barrels so beating a AR at range would make sense, it would have a higher OP range than a AR but lower than a SR, about somewhere in the 30 meter range but the damage drop off would be higher than a SR.

    I'm in for the weapon restrictions but having supports access to one weapon class while the others have access to two means it's more limited and restricted to play than the others.
  • New weapon class - Designated marksman rifle

    A Designated marksman rifle or DMR is a selective fire rifle that fills the range gap between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle.

    Here is an example of one.

    With 2.0 on the way and the support class only having SRs, I believe a new weapon class should be added to make up for the changes. This would fill the weapon gap that I believe the support class is missing. It would allow the support class to be closer to the fight and still deal some damage.

    Damage wise, it would be weaker than a SR but a little bit stronger than a AR, adding a large 20 round mag and red dot sights could compensate for the lower damage.

    The idea is a work in progress but I think it has potential.

    I'll add more to this as time goes on.