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  • New to Game.

    welcome :)
  • this is by far the most bugged game ive ever seen

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    I'd be salty if they remove weapons only becasue they are not that reliable than other ones. They just should balance it. For the UMP instead of balancing they added a new SMG that replaced the UMP. That was a very bad decision, especially since they said they are working out a balance. And what they do? They even add two more unbalanced weapons into the game. The KHX is another Seburo C30 and the KAPH5 or how it's exact name just made UMP obsolete. But honestly the UMP is obsolete for a long time, the new weapon just underlined it.

    the khx shoots at same speed as seburo but does as much damage as ak lol.. i shot 2 bullets in an enemy with c30 he had a knife he changed to khx then he shot a bullet in me i shot 2more bullets in him then he killed me with his second bullet in my chest.

    ikr the KHX is even an upgraded Seburo C30 (you must imagine "upgraded" and "Seburo C30" in one sentence). idk why they do this. Is it THAT hard to bring new weapons that are not broken. To test new weapons before releasing it. Is it that hard? I thought South Korea is a competitive affine gaming country, but what Nexon/Neople did the last month was nothing to make this game more balanced. It is sad, since i like the art design, the sounds and the anime itself and i like shooters. I hope they did not kill this game, but you can feel there are people leaving this game.
  • Seeing motoko-only teams is common, fix pls

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    yeah just change your class mid-match to a class with no chipset unlocks to counter the enemy's op class! oh wait you cant because its not overwatch! ITS ALMOST LIKE THIS GAME IS AN FPS GAME AND YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO WIN BY HAVING BETTER AIM INSTEAD OF PRESSING Q FOR AUTOWIN! even mods spamming in caps! much professional wow!

    I mean, he's not wrong man. If players learn how to perfect their skills, even Motoko squads will fail miserably. And yes, players with better aim are rewarded, especially if they spot the invis Motoko like most players can. The only real operatives invis can surpass is Saito, Ishikawa and Togusa IF they use machine camo for the last two. Heck, I don't even use that chip on my invis setup. And let's look at the other coin here, Saito surprasses almost every operative because he can prefire enemies via skill, EXCEPT for Motoko IF she's invis. Skills can't carry the game unless you LET them carry the game. Not to mention, Motoko doesn't have 24/7 Invis unless they get a lot of kills to feed their skill points, as with every other operative. Honestly the only two times a Motoko kills me is if they get the peek advantage while invis or if they camp in a spot I overlook.

    And hey, if it helps, I didn't buy Chipsets for ANY operative until last month and my KDR is a steady 1.74, AND I only played Maven.

    I played without chips a very long time. Maven, too. But Maven is no good example, since you do not need to use any chips, since she has no chips that boost your skill. It makes not much difference. But a Borma with our without chips, or a Saito, or a Motoko,… There it is a difference if you play with or without chips. FOr me i only play with 5x agile step on my Maven. I was considering several time to perhaps buy the green chips for her, but always overruled it since the agile steps on her are more important to get some balance in comparison to Motoko, Saito and Borma. btw, Borma and Motoko are more annoying to me than Saito atm, since Saitos aren't that much seen and you at least hear the skill activation and can take another route or kill them. But a active camo motoko or Borma with f2020 or something like that is a tough enemy. A Saito is not that danger in comparison. Ironically.
    I played Borma and Motoko from time to time and i tried it once with Seburo C30 and it is ridiculous easy to get kill streaks. So yes, Operatives need a revamp. I am always excited when i see players that still want variety. I saw a lot Mavens, Ishikawas, Batous with non op guns last days. There are still people that want variety. But on the other side many combos like this are seen:

    Motoko+KHX/F2020/Seb.C30/F-MAS *yawn*
    Borma+KHX/F2020/Seb.C30/F-MAS *even more yawn*

    I have never seen an UMP, M4A1 or ACR Borma. Okay that would be not the best choice. But why people only want to take the most advantage they can get and drop the variety for it? (this question is rhetorically and not a real question)

  • New Assault Riffle, New broken gun

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    Veldrin wrote: »
    My two favourite weapons M4A1 and UMP are useless now. :(

    Well...technically, all "Default Guns" in any MMOFPS are meant to "suck". They meant to be a basic over all gun for their type/class, usually being par to slightly below par. To force you to buy/try out new and "better" guns of that type/class.
    It is the invisible hand that guides to to the gun that best fits you and your play style and what value more in a gun. Hell I was stuck with the M4A1 for the longest time, I was more interested in getting all the operatives than getting a new gun (minus the Sniper Rifle...I don't do Default Sniper Rifles I get the one with the highest accuracy/1 hit kill chance at any range).
    P.S. By the time of posting this l I have 1 Ability Socket left on Kuro (EMP) to fully unlock him...once I do then All Operatives have been bought and fully unlocked :D

    As for the nothing I know its not a default gun, but again...they are forcing you to test and try other guns. You are meant to broaden your horizons, and no always be comfortable with one gun all the time for the rest of your game time.

    I have almost all SMGs and ARs in this game. I like trying other weapons, but the weapon balancing just is not right. The UMP is a market weapon, no need to make it subpar for any purposes. And the M4A1 is a startet AR, yes. But they could allow beginners to pick one AR they want to begin with when they balance all right, so no need to make a subpar. I like the M4 anyway. It is very stable and very aesthetic. They should make money with skins and stuff and not mess with weapon balance for some psychologic marketing issues.
  • No anticheat in this game?

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    iiShan wrote: »
    You do realize that even the best antihacks can be surpassed, right?
    Not to mention this is a F2P Beta game, so expecting their antihack to block 100% of hackers 100% 45%? of the time, which most AAA games don't do, is ridiculous.

    I've personally never seen a legit hacker myself, so I can't say anything about a speedhack but if it's the case, report it and move on.
    DarkAthena wrote: »
    So just a question, how do you know the aimbotting guy was actually aimbotting? Was he getting 10 kills every 5 seconds or so? Because I sometimes get 60+ frags in TDM and my highest count is 85.



    Ya avin' a giggle there m8?

    Born out of necessity since this game is so broken in almost every aspect but it is still fun. I don’t know why but i am still playing it. Humour is the only thing that helps.