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  • Why I don't support this game

    Also got kicked several times for using the "F2020".
    thumbs up ;)

    I would suggest, don't cry and use that weapon type, too. That easy and if you don't ... stop yelling or spamming the ingame chat.
    the f2020 is so deadly and unproportional easily to handle...a perfect (and boring) weapon for players without skill. for this reason no one likes f2020-players. votekick is just a fair action from other players.
    Players with a KD of 2+ that take f2020 are annoying, sometimes. It seems understandable if that players get kicked, but on the other side they are doing nothing wrong. The developers must take care about balancing stuff. I don't like the idea to kick people only because they using a weapon they like, even i am aware about they only do it to get the easiest legit advantage they can find.
  • Why does reporting hackers matter?

    I think not every single hacker will use clearly visible hacks, if someone have permanent saito scan and use saito then you cant be sure if he use wall hack or he really used heat sensor.
    Second thing: Perfect aiming - smart haxors probably dont use the perfect aim locking theyre making that more real by missing a bit.

    Conclusion: I think that there is many haxors thats actually hiding not making anything suspicious.
    Ive seen hacker only 2 times. Probably game have fixed security comparing to the state half year ago.
    Yes, you’re right. The "clever cheaters" are very difficult or almost impossible to catch. Sad. Only logging and heavy tracking of all possible stats (like in COD for example) could help against those people.
  • Daft Punk in First Assault

    Three of my favourite tracks from Daft Punk would be from their Tron Legacy soundtrack: End of Line, Fall and Solar Sailer.

    This track i loved as a child. I like to listen to it from time to time for the nostalgics. And its not a bad track, either.
  • Why does reporting hackers matter?

    It matters. I enjoy 3 things. Getting lots of kill in legit way, be able to buy all of the weapons with my effort, and catchin' reportin' and bannin' hackers which is like a merit of honor to me. I recorded totally 4 hacker in a video and reported them and they got banned ! I whish nexon makes a team of players specifically for this, I gladly join that.

    In the end, if you play legitly, you wont get reported for once anyway... People don't report people for no valid reason...
    People report other people witouth valid reason every day. I bet reason number one: Enemy was better than ME, but "Le ME" is infallible, so THEY must be Hacking *pressing report button rapidly*. Reason No. 2: Unawareness or ignorance about the game’s gameplay functions and/or netcode issues.

    I saw two hackers (almost 100 percent sure) in 1k hours playtime. After the first one i installed a recording software, since i believe pressing a report button is pretty pointless. The second hacker i properly recorded on video. And i think he got banned, since I never saw this player again. And i maybe saw a third one, but i was not sure about if its real cheating or just a weird bug or issue, so i did not report him. And please don’t cry hackers all the time. 99.99 percent of this are wrong accusations. Plenty of reasons exist why people hackusate and don’t forget the netcode or people that are just better.
    And generally. Screaming hackers and pressing the report button like a daily ritual is über bullshit and pointless. You need to record them, render the video, and upload it in any way, then open a support ticket with the video link.
  • Nerfs , buffs and fixes

    Weapons like F2020, S25R and co shouldn't exist. high-ROF shall remain reserved for sub-machineguns (high-ROF but low damage) in my opinion. That would be balancing. but an AR fast as an SMG and damage like an AR was a preposterous idea from the developers. Sorry. Really MAKE THE BALANCING RIGHT.