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    Assault class (Assault rifles, Machine guns, according to japanese site, can differ in our version have 200 base HP and slower walking speed)
    • Azuma – could be similar strong as Borma with his tank shield
    • Batou – t2 skill seems strong, but he can't regen health nor uses a protection shield like Azuma
    • Borma – especially Borma will be overpowered, if you consider he is using a KHX/F2020 and has 200 HP+

    I guess this class, and especially Borma probably are going to be a problem. We’ll see.

    Disturb class (SMG, shotguns, fastest operatives, 150HP according to same site – i dunno what AP means)
    • PAZ – Most players choose an SMG with him anyway, so not that much will change.
    • Maven – it could be harder to play with Maven than it was before, since she can’t use a machine gun, assault- or sniper rifle anymore for taking out Bormas (for example). I can’t imagine how you wanna beat an 200+ HP assault class player that holds an KHX in hands with an UMP or MPV5A or even KAPOW. She should be Disturb with exception to carry assault rifles as well, a false mix, maybe – but we will see!
    • Motoko – no more sniping Motokos. This is really a good thing. Also no more KHX Motokos. Motoko will be more managable when heading against her, but she will remain strong, but maybe dethroned from rank 1 by assault class.
    • Reiko – T1 seems very strong, but if the flash is hearable and visible it might be managable, but T2 with revealing of enemy player positions seems totally overpowered. It’s like a PAZ or Motoko without risking to die on the way to the enemies or even behind the line. Just imagine she "teleports" behind you with an USS12 or something. Nah it’s like Saito mixed with Motoko in some strange way.
    • Kuro – Never played him. So i can’t really tell how the playstyle will change

    Support class (sniper rifles, a bit faster, same HP as Disturb calss according to above mentioned site)
    • Togusa – I don’t he fits into this class, same for Sitarra. Better put them in Disturb as well.
    • Sittara – same as Togusa, probably
    • Saito – at least he fits in the lore now. No more assault rifle or auto shotty Saitos. It was always annoying. At least not all player can snipe, so this curse will be mostly gone. Also i like that his T1 will be only one pulse, so he should be used more tactical and less killing spree like

    That are my thoughts, keeping in mind thtat all infos we got yet are vague. So let’s wait and see how it really feels @ Friday PTS ;)
    Perhaps i was totally wrong with my gut feeling and all the worries get quicker obsolete than a Reiko is knifing and teabagging you.
  • Informations about the 2.0

  • Continous fire bug report

    I have this issues since a year, i am used to it. when the bug appears i switch to knife and leftclick one-two times and switch back to weapon. I have stutters, since the game is not well optimized…
  • Pissed off players

    I did the cybercase event on the fly. And wanna know what i got? A flag! HAHAHAHA. THANK YOU NEXON! A flag XD hahaha… i got a flag!!! I just imagine somone put real money into that system and gets a FLAG xD LMAO…
  • Pissed off players

    I got a country flag from argentina and an country emblem from japan. I don’t care about flags, but that’s what they want you to get. Since i did not pay something for those crates its okay. Other than the two flags i got three more or less fitting colours. A bright grashopper green, khaki that is similar to beige and last colour was mauve. Of course none of that colours meets a colour tone i like but at least it wasn't worth the hard work XD. You can not say it's unfair since we did not pay money for particular those five crates. It's just five free crates from the same bad gacha system.
    So what did you expect? ;)

    The big pain in the ass is, that you still can not sell unliked stuff like those flags or colours you dont want. And the MC shop is a joke. Prizes are way too high and the shop is empty as f***. Don't pay money for that system. That's the only thing we can do to force them to think another time about how they can pleasure their wallets without pissing off their whole playerbase.

    For sure i won't do any more crazy events except i can do them on the side without too much time consuming since this event cleary showed me its really not worth.