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  • Pissed off players

    I got a country flag from argentina and an country emblem from japan. I don’t care about flags, but that’s what they want you to get. Since i did not pay something for those crates its okay. Other than the two flags i got three more or less fitting colours. A bright grashopper green, khaki that is similar to beige and last colour was mauve. Of course none of that colours meets a colour tone i like but at least it wasn't worth the hard work XD. You can not say it's unfair since we did not pay money for particular those five crates. It's just five free crates from the same bad gacha system.
    So what did you expect? ;)

    The big pain in the ass is, that you still can not sell unliked stuff like those flags or colours you dont want. And the MC shop is a joke. Prizes are way too high and the shop is empty as f***. Don't pay money for that system. That's the only thing we can do to force them to think another time about how they can pleasure their wallets without pissing off their whole playerbase.

    For sure i won't do any more crazy events except i can do them on the side without too much time consuming since this event cleary showed me its really not worth.
  • Fre-e-e-e-zings

    The shooting bug occurs quite often. Only thing that helps is to switch to knife and left click one(?) at least several times. And the barrier placement bug. So many bugs. God damn it.
  • Deutsches First Assault Wiki

    Die Beschreibung zu Maven muss Lektor Veldrin aber noch mal gegenlesen, das geht ja so nicht.

    Maven kann eine Therm optische Barriere aufstellen.
    Maven kann eine therm(o)-optische Barriere aufstellen.

    Maven kann eine Therm optische Barriere aufstellen.
    Doppelt. Streichen!

    Hinter dieser Wand ist man unsichtbar für die Gegner. Erst wenn man schießt ist man sichtbar.
    Hinter dieser ist man unsichtbar für Gegner. Erst bei Beschuss wird man sichtbar. Zudem verlangsamt die Barriere Kugeln.
    Hinter dieser ist man solange unsichtbar bis ein Projektil – auch das eigene – die Barriere trifft. Außerdem sorgt die Barriere für eine Verlangsamung der Projektile.

    Level 2 hat den Vorteil, die Wand hält länger, hat mehr Gesundheit und ist größer.
    Die Level-2-Barriere bietet den Vorteil, dass sie sowohl größer als auch durabler ist (d.h. eine längere Dauer aufweist und mehr Lebenspunkte besitzt).

    Den Rest habe ich mir jetzt nicht angeschaut, aber an und für sich ne nette Idee. Finde auch schön, dass ihr bereits den neuen Maven-Skin eingebettet habt.
  • New District Ruins map fedback.

    porcofon wrote: »
    The ability to chose sight color would be nice. I prefer white in every game I play.

    It will come via intergate system. /sarcasm
  • Stats not registered , Lost of GP ....

    I made several matches i was good as hell and its disappointing it did not get counted. not only on this day and on 5th october, too. and not thats not all. my progress from the monthly event did reset, too!! i had a KD from 2+ (in one match alone i had 40+ kills but only 15 kills game got counted) and only one match got counted 1.45er kd. and today i made the game of my life with a 10.0 kd ratio and another game with 2.5er KD and 49 kills NOT counted. i dont get it. idk if GP is lost aswell since i did not write it down for me.

    Edit: Again i played seven matches or more, nothing got counted…
    Nice, now it counts again. All games i played good did not count, all i played bad (the last hour) got count. very nice. thanks, nexon.

    Edit2: Today the same. I made four matches. three good ones (not counted) one bad one (counted). I assume someone reported me, and therefore it is not counted or is it just bad luck for me? strange bad luck? It’s really annoying. I like to see my stats, i know it is just an gadget, but it is an indicator, too how i played what can i improve and so on.