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  • Where do we go now?

    Me too. The gap FA leaves behind will remain empty. FA had the perfect niche (1.0). Neither it was a hero shoter nor it was generic like Counter-Strike or overloadish like COD.

    I liked FA because it had the map feeling from Counter-Strike, but it was faster and you had more customization, but same time the abilities were not too strong and remained sublemential (1.0). The weapon behaviour felt great. You had range drop offs what made it feeling wise superior to many other shooters (you remember the sniper one shots with desert eagle from counter-strike? this was not possible in gits. secondary weapons remained "last chance" utilities.


    I don't think we will see a different game like that for years. But right now i am playing Paladins which is a totally different game.
    It is a hero shooter – but from the scratch and not that 2.0 fail that only made 1.0 fans like me sobered and disappointed.
    And even the balance isn't perfect right now i have fun with that game. The big difference is that Paladins is completely NOT for KDR/KDA. In GITS you could carry your team just with your killing sprees, but you can't do that in Paladins. It is different, but right now it can satisfy me enough to get over GITS.
    If someone wanna know I have my favourites already: Bomb Ying (Resonance Ying), Ash with shoulder bash and Evie the witch from time to time. But Maven will always remain the number 1.
  • First Assault Closure

    So for me the things what killed the game are the other things, but definitely not the allegedly lack of dissimilarity.

    For me the main reasons that killed the game were (I’ll keep it very short, since everyone talked enough about that already):
    • Continuous Netcode/Performance issues
    • Parodying of weapon balance (for example nerfing of underpowered weapons, introducing of overpowered weapons)
    • Parodying of operative balance (for example buffing Motoko instead of just nerfing Saito)
    • Replacing shop with RNG system (Intergate)
    • And the whole clusterfook 2.0 which turned the game into a clone of Overwatch and Call of Duty, with the most weird balance decisions I have ever seen. Plus the same old ongoing issues that still didn’t get addressed.
    Not to mention the removing of content like Ghost Assault for example or TDM maps.

    Long story short. Misdevelopment and focussing on the wrong things made this great game sunset.
  • First Assault Closure

    I agree, Dharion. 2.0 killed the game, but it's a symptom, not a cause. The cause was that the development team doesn't understand the global FPS market. The F2P model only works if the product you're offering is actually worth something on the market. Did this title compete with other FPS titles at the market price? Would someone buy this game for $30 or $50? Because, the funny thing is, the money isn't the main obstacle. It's the time that wouldn't be spent playing other "less fun" games.

    The entire point of a game, especially a competitive game like a FPS, is to provide fun to your target customers. The goal of Neople and Nexon should have been producing a game that people would want to play INSTEAD of playing any other game in the industry. Did they do that? Obviously not. They don't understand the FPS market, and what they were offering wasn't substantially different than what other titles in the industry offer, and it didn't do anything "better" than any other shooter.

    In the end, they failed to meet the expectations of the market. They leaned entirely on the IP to push a very sub par shooter. Very basic mechanical concerns, such as TTK, accuracy, weapon balance, and latency were never figured out. They dropped a beautiful but poorly balanced IP on top of a very mediocre foundation and it collapsed. Shooters rest on the fundamental mechanics first. Everything else is fluff. Nexon focused on the fluff, not the fundamentals. That's why the game is closing.

    I agree with most of your points. But one point I see different. Ghost in the Shell was different. For me and most of my friends and mates GITS was something special.

    My own experience. I prefer generic shooters with focus on gunplay. And I like good visuals, sounds and animations. Also the gunplay has to be fun.
    My last FPS I enjoyed and actually played was Counter-Strike Source – years ago. After i quit CSS I tried different shooters, but didn't find one that fits me was fun enough to stick to it. I tried tons of shooters, but ditched most of them immediately. The only one I played a bit longer was Rainbow Six Vegas 2. You could create your own character, you could equip your own weapons and that was it. You had similar maps like in Counter-Strike, but you could aim down sight, own character and your own weapon. I really liked it.
    But I missed the Counter-Strike feeling, especially Demolition. And in Counter-Strike i missed the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 feeling – the customization aspect.

    And then my brother came up with GITS. It had weapon customization just like RB Vegas 2 but more advanced, and you could choose your own character as well, on top of that this game had an demolition mode similar to Counter-Strike, but much more fast-paced and fun.
    Well, of course, first i was sceptic, since he normally prefers role play games (my hate genre number 1) so i assumed… if he is showing me an FPS it can’t be any good. But i was so wrong. Okay first I was shocked about those abilities. But after some matches i realised they only supplement your own skill and not other way around. Furthermore I really liked the gunplay, the animations, the sound and artdesign. It was just stunning. And the operative’s phrases were just pure gold. "What? You want me to say Sorry?" and so on.

    My first operative was Maven and I remain faithful to her till the death of the game. The barrier was so interesting to play I really loved it. With her I had the most fun and I tried every operative.
    For me GITS was like a fast-paced Counter-Strike with some skills that give a tiny advantage but not more. It really felt rather like Counter-Strike on Ecstacy than Call of Duty or any other shooter. For me it hit the mark. It made Counter-Strike look boring and clunky, but still remembered enough to it that i get used to it.
    Also I really liked the Terminal Conquest mode. For me it was fresh and new, since I never played shooters that contained such a mode.

    GITS 1.0 had found its niche. Neither it was oldschool and slowpaced like Counter-Strike, nor it was a hero shooter. Also it wasn’t really comparable to Call of duty with its tons of gadgets, broken special abilities, special movements and scorestreak what made COD to the biggest clusterfook you could imagine and far from any balance.
    GITS had some COD feeling, because of the low TTK, and it had skills, but the skills weren’t too strong and you wasn’t able to spam the all the time.

    It perfectly fit the niche between Call of Duty and Counter-Strike with some Vegas 2 in it.
  • New idea for recounciling 1.0 and 2.0: Class chips

    I mean you could smoke the barrier, you could díldorocket the barrier, you could EMP the barrier or seekerdrone the barrier. You had enough tools. Or you could avoid the barrier. So why they thougth AK+Maven or Sniper-Maven are overpowered. It's just plain stupid. Same with Motoko. you could smoke them. Also you could balance them by temporarily deactivate active camo chipe while using a sniper rifle. And so many more examples i am too lazy to write down right now, and you know the anyway. I had one wodka so apologise ^^ tldr don't drink and write. Maybe all i say is utter bullsheet, but at least its my honest opinion.
  • New idea for recounciling 1.0 and 2.0: Class chips

    I miss my room of manoeuver. I want to throw nades and throw smokes, i want to take 3 different weapons into the fight to counter the enemy in an appropriate way. I don't want to play different operatives. I want to play Maven mostly, but this game forces me to do it like they want.

    The demo matches feel less tactical, when your enemies have many Bormas and Reikos or Azumas, since counter-rush isn't reliable if the mapdesign gives them the advantage. You can't rush against Azuma if the mapdesign forces you to meet eye to eye, you can't defend at frontline, since Reikos will shoot you in the back and so on.

    Today i managed to do well with Maven. I stated it's very hard to do well witih Maven in 2.0 and it is true – or you need to put more effort and get less result than playing with almost every other operative. I played mostly Maven, some Sitara and one match with Batou today. And i get my highest KDR this day (2.74) at average KDR of 1.9 for the whole month. But this is seldom. And you only can do it when you pull off all you have and are lucky to not get thrown into a lobby with 4.0 KDR players like Hakurei, Killbill and Co.
    But at other games I feel like the biggest noob, when I play with Maven and only can survive while playing defensively from round start. It's a pain I can't really rush anymore with her. I feel like my hands are tied together playing her.

    You said it right, Motoko is the only really reliable choice for rushing now. The classes and restrictions piss me off. I can understand people don't want to see Motoko+F2020 anymore, but it lacks so much tactic if you force every operative to suffer from that 2.0 restrictions and class. For example the sniping Motokos. You could just smoke them in 1.0, but not anymore. There were other options to balance this. They added so much things to justify the classes and restrictions, but they still feel imbalanced, or even more imbalanced. It turns people off, since weapon balance is still a mess, since netcode/performance is still not satisfying. Restrictions are unfun and a lazy way to balance the game imho.

    And when I get shot from ICS (8m range) from about 30 meters while I am sliding and got camo from a Motoko mate i just hate this game so much. Or when I doublejump and a Paz pull me down right from the air to knife me -_-

    This is a screenshot from a match I did today, but this is not normal. Normally Maven is at the bottom, if enemies spam their superior skills right. And that píss me off. This tiny successes don't distract me from the failures of 2.0


    And that you almost never see a 3.0 KDR player playing Maven main tells you this game is imbalanced. Where are those good players that pull a 3+ KDR a month without meta operatives?
    In 1.0 i saw some Maven main players that pull of 2-2.5 KDR, but not anymore. Either they are gone, or switched to other operatives…

    My friendlist looks like this:

    85% Motoko main
    5% Borma main
    5% Saito main
    5% Batou, Paz, Togusa, Kuro, Ishikawa and Maven (TOGETHER)