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  • when i heard the news..

    this may sound funny or crazy to some of you as i was emotionally tearing up a bit.for a game you look up to and play alot became one of my absolute favorites. im very deeply hurt to see this closed . i been hoping and still hope to this day to hear when will we get an official release for the final version sometime this year..not even long ago they put up a new stunning GiTS first assault trailer a few weeks ago now all of a sudden japan nexon including here are closing with no explanation reason..this game is the reason i got myself a gaming pc desktop after seeing the first 2015 trailer and how much i been a GITS fan since the first anime film released in 1995 before knowing the original manga existed....2.0 is not bad at all as i got the hang of it right away. the class weapons maybe bit of a pain but at least its all there still and the new characters looks amazing and so cool that i hope if there'd be a new stand alone complex series i'd hope to see them being a part of Section 9 showing their own cyber ability enhancement and getting to know their backrounds. the maps im hoping could be secretly being developed noir the game could secretly re-create the game from scratch who knows...i don't want to see this game go to waste at all. i know that the game is still in beta after all since from the start. i soon hope to here great news someday. and i hope this forum doesn't close.. Nexon team,team waffle developer team,Neople team, if you see this thank you so much for creating this game..please bring it back someday with a final version completed game. ghost in the shell is such an iconic franchise and it inspired so many sci fi games,books and movies out there. this game doesn't deserve to be left behind doors.
    -Einhander2501,gits forums.
    -EinhanderA1, first assault online.
  • new GITS Anime season!?

    its understandable for those that didn't like arise. im super hyped too. Kamiyama Kenji is finaly bringing it back and Aramaki Shinji who directed AppleSeed! is gonna direct the new GITS how would anyone not be hyped for that!?
  • new GITS Anime season!?

  • Section 9 Featurette

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