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  • Where do we go now?

    Well, I and my team will move to Titanfall 2 (we'll have to do some research about the online player base). We've tried Black Squad but we didn't like it.
  • Ghost in the Shell: SUNRISE CAMPAIGN

    Ephrial wrote: »
    I see. I've been so busy at the other fronts, that I did not realize that was against this particular forum's rules. I know it was on the front page, but there is so much inactivity here that I wanted to show that this post, or rather the actions behind it, are not dead.

    To avoid breaking the rules you should post updates with actions you take. ;)
  • [NOTICE] LIVE Stream time change

    I have just ended up my game session last night and before shutting down my PC I opened the FA Twitch channel to verify if Predict sent me the message about last week winning. I got double surprised. Once because there was still no message and secondly because the stream was live so I decided to watch. So, if you guys missed it, I'll make a summary for you.
    - Predict played like worse than #bronzeleague
    - @ 3:05 Predict apologised for the delayed giveaways from last week and Disrespect tell us why the stream was moved
    - @ 26:30 we found out about event tickets. not an actual date
    - @ 27:50 no big update coming soon
    - @ 32:50 Predict officially goes to #bronzeleague
    - @ 45:10 LoveYuri did a GG. Nice!
    - @ 46:10 LOL some noob is accusing LoveYuri of aimbot. This moment is relevant for all those toxic false hackusations that make the gameplay not so fun
    - @ 53:20 Fun knife only game
    And that was all. With a peak of 100 something players watching the stream.
    @28:00 Dis confirms: it was a bad stream.
  • Can you set Side Mouse Buttons/Thumb Buttons?

    I use Logitech G502 and I can use mouse 4 & 5. What mouse are you using? If the game doesn't recognise your side buttons by default try to assign a key to those buttons from your mouse software.
  • Achievement Not Tracking

    Fumae wrote: »
    Edit: I tested the PP2200 on Sitara, got a few kills, no tracking, relogged(just in-case) still no visible tracking. @Hakurei Do you know if its possible for someone to check my account to see if im tracking the achievement and it's just not visible to me?

    PP-2200 is a PDW which is not in the mission. You got to play Quick Dive and get 250 kills with SMG, AR, SR and pistol.
    SMG (submachine gun)is used by Infiltrator class, AR (assault rifle) by Assault and SR (sniper rifle) by Specialist. So, if you are playing with a PDW (personal defence weapon) you will not register any achievement.